Welcome to Neighbor 2 Neighbor, an experiment in hyperlocal mobilization!

This is a voter registration and mobilization project designed and deployed by People for Action on Climate Change.

This website gives you the tools, the training and the data required to become a super-effective organizer on your street, in your neighborhood, and in your precinct. Neighbor 2 Neighbor facilitates 5 primary activities:

1. Get a list of households on your street with no registered voters.

2. Get a list of inactive democratic and progressive voters on your street who are at risk of being kicked off the voter rolls.

3. List of democratic and progressive voters on your street who do vote, but are unlikely to vote in a mid-term election.

4. List of frequent / dedicated voters who vote often. Collaborate with them to host events / canvasses / fundraisers to help drive up voter engagement in your neighborhood.

5. Look at the voting behaviors of friends, family and colleagues across the state, and motivate them to vote in November.

Together, neighbor to neighbor, shoulder to shoulder, street by street we can move the needle on civic engagement, and elect people who are able and willing to change policy in every aspect and at every level of government.

In solidarity,

Srinath Jayaram
People for Action on Climate Change
5920 Crepe Myrtle Ct
Raleigh NC 27609